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Renewal of Science

October 31st - November 2nd, 2024

9 AM to 6 PM



Join us as we get to the root of current technological and social problems by renewing the science behind them.

International Researchers

Live Exhibits!

Come and experience it

for yourself!

Brain Storming on Paper

Why this Conference?

Themes and Speakers


Seeing Color through New Eyes

This field will explore the surprises hidden in the color spectrum. Novel features of the spectrum lead the way to a new physics, and will be demonstrated using a 500-square-foot hands-on exhibit. It has already been featured in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland, and will be coming to the United States for the first time. Led by Dr. Matthias Rang from Switzerland, this topic will feature additional material by international researchers.


Evolving Ideas in Evolution

Can the ideas of Darwin be evolved further? And if so, where do they lead? Using an extensive exhibit of human and animal skeletons, including those juvenile forms, Dr. Christoph Hueck will be exploring a relatively-unknown stream of research that identifies a startling relation between human and animal evolution and points to a different basis for human social development.


Complementary Chemistry

There are several mysteries at the basis of chemistry – including with the humble battery, where what we observe does not tally with what we theorize. This would be explored by Prof. Hasok Chang from the University of Cambridge, with examples that show that chemistry and electronic theory may not be identical, and a fundamental rethinking may be called for in chemistry, with lasting consequences for the electrical-technology-based world we live in.


Organic Forms through Sound

Dr. Gabriel Kelemen from the University of Timisoara has extended the systematic study of vibrations (cymatics) into uncharted domains, discovering that he is able to sculpt a variety of shapes that we only see in the living world using sound alone. His work breaks new ground by identifying a different basis for morphology, through the seamless melding of science and art. Full-scale exhibits will bring this topic alive for attendees.


AI and the Moral Compass

With the sweeping changes that have caught everyone's attention, and the "human-like" nature of our AI creations, are we paying attention to what is essentially human? Gary Lamb and others explore this question, by pointing out the crucial difference between artificial and real intelligence backed by ethics.

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Transforming Temperature

While we go about trying to tackle issues of warming and cooling, have we missed something important about the nature of heat? Is thermodynamics itself due for an upgrade? And if so, how does this effect cascade through the science of weather, climate, volcanoes and energy?


Astronomical Arguments

Do the ideas of Newton need a revamp at the core level? Are there elementary logical errors at the core of modern astronomy? What is the special relationship between Mars and Sun, and how do we discover that secret? These topics, and others, will be explored by the speakers - leading to a new way to look up at the stars.


Electromagnetism Revised

The electric motor and the transistor are at the heart of modern technology, and any changes at this level shifts this entire world. Is it possible to tackle electromagnetism in a way that taps into new properties? Are all "electromagnetic waves" really electric and magnetic? Find the answers to these questions at the conference.


Heart and Circulation

Heart health is one of the top issues in medicine, and also one of the most challenging to understand. What secrets can we unlock about the heart by studying its evolutionary development? Is there a new way of handling circulation that can revolutionize medicine? Come and find out.

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