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The Foundation for Cultural Renewal finds and supports  researchers and artists with extraordinary caliber across the globe. We understand that real geniuses bring out ideas and skills that sometimes take decades to recognize, and these do not fit neatly into proposals, publishing statistics, and products. We understand that it may be hard to spot genuine path-breaking research in science, but we have the expertise to do just that.

We connect with such individuals and organizations, and help support their work – nourishing the unknown Galileo’s of today in the various fields of science, culture and social activities.


Snetu Karania (President/Treasurer)     

MS, Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology, Stanford University. Non-profit volunteer for 12 years with an organization that funded millions of dollars annually to schools in India.

Gary Lamb (Vice President)                

Leader of the Center for Social Research at Hawthorne Valley, Researcher and Author on Economics and the Social Impact of Technology.

Gopi Vijaya (Science Director)            

PhD, Physics, University of Houston. Researcher and speaker on physics, Goethean science and computing technology. (Website:

Austin Abigt (Secretary)                      

Woodworking, Custom cabinetry, and craftsmanship. High-end cabinet installations in a variety of private-home and showroom settings. Researcher in American Philosophy.

Billy Moschella Jr. (Outreach Coordinator)      

Graduate of Berklee School of Music (Songwriter), five years’ experience in coordinating activist groups for social transformation in Utah.

Together, we are a group of dedicated professionals with the collective experience of more than 5 decades in the nonprofit world. In addition to a Doctorate and Masters' degrees in Physics and Engineering, we also collectively specialize in vetting cutting-edge research in several branches of science, art and social issues. This is combined with our background experience in construction, business, activism, video production, and grant-writing.


Why another non-profit?

Bell Curve 2_edited.jpg

To answer that, let us ask:

Would Galileo have really been funded today, for claiming that the Earth moved?

Which was denounced by the authorities?

Without immediate practical application?

Without institutional support?

Without peer-reviewed journal citations?

Without a business plan that can show return on investment?

Without a product that can make money?

Without a project proposal that is in the government's interest to fund?

Probably not. And yet his work helped kick off the scientific revolution.

In the classic bell curve of society, there are always those that get left behind, and those who surge ahead. A large number of nonprofits and non-governmental organizations pick up the slack for those who get left behind. What about those who have surged ahead of the curve without institutional support? The Foundation for Cultural Renewal focuses on this segment of society.


And that is why another nonprofit: ours.

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