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Since its founding in 2019, the Foundation for Cultural Renewal has carried out the following projects:

1. Scientific Conferences

Forum for a renewal of science (April 2019, Salt Lake City, UT):

A gathering of 15 researchers from across the US, Australia, Italy, and Switzerland, to collaborate on research projects in astronomy, AI and digital technology, economics, material science, color theory, gravitation, physiology and chronobiology.

Workshop on Heat and Thermodynamics (March 22, Harlemville, NY):


In conjunction with the Center for Social Research, the foundation conducted a workshop for participants in the history of thermodynamics, up till date.

2. Grants and other support

Our mission is effective only by financially supporting the work of researchers, artists and social workers across the globe, as far as possible on an ongoing basis. We have supported innovative projects in various fields as follows:


Researchers, in Physics, Astronomy, Philosophy, Digital Technology, and Economics.


Artists, including Poetry, Painting, Music, Color Pencil Drawing, and Video Production.


Social workers, for on-the-ground work in health and access to organic food.


Medical Research Organization that specializes in innovative cancer treatments.

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